Inhumanity To Man Quotes In Night

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Elie Wiesel faced a lot of cruelty and a lot of inhumanity from man throughout his time in the concentration camps from other prisoners and the Nazis. In the memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel, cruelty and the theme of man’s inhumanity to man appears throughout the whole story and throughout Elie 's time within the concentration camps, in that it gives us examples of how the Nazis didn’t feed them enough, beat them, stripped them of their identities, made them run long distances, and how the Jew’s would be cruel to each other when they would take food from one another and beat others.
One of the first examples of cruelty is from the Nazis towards Elie. The author wrote “Then I was aware of nothing but the strokes of the whip. One...Two…, he counted.” (Weisel 65), which shows us how the Nazi’s would beat the Jewish people within the concentration camps. During the time that Elie was in Buna, Idek made Elie lie stomach down on a box and he whipped Elie and gave him 25 lashes. This was very cruel in that Idek punished Elie for knowing something that he knew about, but should not have
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This tells the readers how the Nazis wouldn’d feed some of the Jew’s. Whenever a Jew began to look like he was dying or sick then they did not feed them. The Nazis were very cruel to the Jews when it came to food and care. They don’t take care of the Jews almost at all and they only feed them stale bread, coffee, and soup that had almost no nutrients in it. This quote from the memoir Night is a good example to show the readers how cruel the Nazis were when it came to basic care for the Jewish prisoners within the Nazis concentration camps and how some prisoners would starve to death and also why some prisoners stole food from one
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