Inigo Vs. Westley In The Princess Bride

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In the movie, The Princess Bride, protagonist Inigo Montoya and Westley can be portrayed as similar yet diverse characters. Westley is a young farm boy who is motivated to reunite with his true love, Buttercup. Inigo is a master swordsman who is seeking revenge against his father’s murderer. These two unlikely men have shown corresponding personalities, but can define themselves in their own unique way. Throughout the movie, both men have demonstrated acts of kindness towards one another. For example, instead of killing Westley, like the Sicilian boss named Vizzini ordered him to do, Inigo fairly helped Westley climb the mountain by pulling him up by a rope to give him a fair duel of swords play. During Inigo and Westley’s sword fight Westley…show more content…
When Buttercup would command Westley around the farm, he would respond with, ‘‘As you wish.’’. These three simple words represented the love Westley had for Buttercup and shows that he would do anything for her. On the other hand, Inigo’s catchphrase can be heard throughout the movie as he prepares to say these exact words to his father’s murderer, “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father; prepare to die.’’. Inigo’s catchphrase is filled with hatred and revenge as he has been searching for the man who killed his father. Although both men have significant catchphrases, these phrases have their own special meaning behind it. Despite their similarities, both men differ from each other. To begin with, they both look completely different. Westley is very handsome, with luscious blonde hair and blue eyes. As for Inigo, his distinguishing features include brown curly hair and brown eyes. They are also distinctly different because of their countries of origin. Westley is a native from Florin, as you can tell in the movie because of his English accent, and Inigo is a Spaniard which you may also tell by his Latin accent. Inigo and Westley were both significant characters who shared similar characteristics. Whether it is saving each other’s life or their famous catchphrases these two men can differentiate their personalities in their own unique way. In the end they
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