Injustice America Injustice

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America’s Injustice Look at this great land of ours, what do you see? A trust was bestowed upon you and me To shine our lights as a great beacon for All the world to see Oh, America, this great land! Home of the Brave, Land of the Free This trust was bestowed upon you and me To shine our lights for All the world to see; and what has become of our legacy? Where the cracks of our sidewalks are filled with children’s tears And our people’s hopes and dreams are dashed with fears from years of drug abuse, addiction and lies. But America, there has to be a better way! To heal our land and strive for a better day To give rehabilitation and not just incarceration To enlighten, not frighten, to give a helping hand To stand, not defeat and delete Thank God for a place once known as America For when we are at the end of our rope, America would’ve thrown you hope A lifeline so that you can cope Remember no matter how dark the moment, Love and Hope is always possible And to the good people of these United States There is no greater mandate than to save a human life Your time, your love and your money will never be wasted As long as we remember to embrace life! Anger Anyone can be angry But we need to be angry with the right person, place or thing and at the right degree and
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