Injustice In Birmingham Jail: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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After doing peaceful demonstration, King was arrested. While Martin Luther king Jr was in Birmingham jail, he came across the clergymen statement calling his peaceful demonstration “unwise and untimely”. So he wrote the letter to the Clergymen explaining the reason why he was in Birmingham. He states that the reason he was in Birmingham because the injustice was here. Like Apostle Paul left his village in spread of gospel in the far corner of Rome, he also will do the same thing to spread the gospel of freedom beyond his own town and that’s the reason he was in Birmingham. He mentions, “Injustice anywhere is a treat to justice everywhere”, which he basically say he will go anywhere that practice injustice. People cannot live in the world where they do not have mutual relationship and always discriminate…show more content…
So in order to get the freedom they have to take action. They can no longer wait. The black community has been waited long enough to see justice, but still see injustice. Places where the Black live, police are brutal, they curse, killed people. Everything is segregate between the white majority and black minority. The children of the black children cannot go to the amusement park, restaurants, library and the same restroom as the white kid can, because they have darker skin. He then question law, he query what kind of law is just and which one is unjust. The just law is a law that raises people personality that no one can break whereas the unjust law punishes the minority and it is breakable. He then states about what he wish the clergy men to see inside the demonstration and value how brave the black people are. In the vey last he apologizes for his long letter. He as well begs the clergymen to forgive him if he say anything that de-emphasize the truth. Finally, he said he hope that one day black and white can lives like brother and sister in this great
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