Injustice In Cry The Beloved Country

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Injustice isn’t something that has just started, it has been happening and is still happening today. In the documentary Southern Rites, Justin Patterson was shot and killed Norman Neesmith only got one year in a detention center. However, in the book “Cry, The Beloved Country” Absalom Kumalo killed a man and was sentenced to execution. Two men committed the same crime, but received different sentencing, which both should have received the same amount of time. The only difference between Absalom and Norman were the color of their skin. Absalom Kumalo was the son of Stephen Kumalo, who was a priest. He lived in Ndotsheni with his cousin Matthew. Ms. Mkize gave Absalom and Matthew a place to live. “They brought many things here, umfundisi, in the late hours of the night.” Absolom and Matthew robbed people often, so this was a repeated operation. They brought in clothes, and watches, and money,…show more content…
He had a niece named Danielle, who was dating Patterson. Justin and his brother went over to Norman’s house one night to see Danielle. She invited a friend over for Justin’s brother, so they got drunk, high, and had sexual intercourse. Norman wasn’t aware of the situation and when he saw the boys in the room he held them at gunpoint. When they tried to escape Noram shot after them, consequently one of the bullets hit Justin Patterson. Justin was down,while his brother ran to get help. The boys didn’t threaten Norman in any way, and he still shot at the boys. Norrman didn’t even act like he was sorry towards the family at first. “I had always made it a point not to really look directly at him. And to see him up close and personal in the film, it was very hard.” The mother of Justin and his family still haven’t forgiven Norman. He was sentenced one year in a detention center, while Absalom, who was scared and killed someone on accident, got execution as a
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