Injustice In Frederick Douglass's Life

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Frederick Douglass’s life is living proof of the injustice that took place in slavery. His life exemplified dehumanization on a daily basis. Blacks were not shown as “humans” at this day and age, as Frederick’s life is an example of the cruel practices of slavery. His life shows the significance of the many struggles that were brought upon him and other slaves for human and civil rights. Douglass grew up on captain Anthony’s plantation with hundreds of other slaves. Although, he did not work much on the fields because he was not strong enough. He was given very little clothing, except for a long linen shirt. He was surrounded by daily tortures that he witnessed, even with his family members. For example, one night Douglass saw the captain whipping his aunt Hester. This is one of the many scenes that shows the abuse towards women. Throughout his life as a slave, he was never told his own age. This was something the slave owners did to keep a high authority between themselves and their slaves. Many days he watched and listened to other slaves that made their way to the Great House farm, a nickname for the plantation that he lived on. They sang songs that resembled the evil of slavery. This was the first time he had felt trapped in his life, and started to wonder if he would ever have a different…show more content…
In 1841, he attended an anit-slavery meeting and formed a solid relationship with two prime abolitionist. Although, he was nervous at first, he spoke about the experience he had as a former slave. After this experience, he accepted a job to be a lecturer for the next 3 months. After the Civil War, he became a very popular speaker with speeches he used about his life as a former slave. As he lectured he fought for the idea of black suffurage, and became one of the most well- known abolitionist of time. As many people came out to hear him, he was payed up to almost two-hundred dollars per
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