Injustice In Native America

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Introduction Approximately, about thousand years ago, in the late ice age, the Native Americans journey across the Bering land bridge from Asia to Alaska. The Natives explore along the West coast of North America. Likewise, as early as 1000 BC, they discovered virtually the entire continent. According to the Scholastic (2016), it’s not known when the first Americans settle the continent. Nonetheless, in 1942 Columbus's discovered the “New World” what is now known as the United State of America. When the Europeans settlers arrive, the Native Americans cultures and life starts to deteriorate due to the disease the White European brought with them, such as measles, smallpox, and many others. Also, the White settlers commence fighting the Native American for their land. However, the Natives didn’t succeed to protect their lands and the Europeans took over the…show more content…
However, the Natives still encounter many issues. They are yet faced with mass incarceration and policing; violence against women and children is especially prevalent in their communities. Also, the education system is failing them. Thus far, they are stripped of their land and the exploitation of resources is threatening the Native communities. Similarly, the Natives are habitually impoverished- live in overcrowded and poor-quality housing and jobless. Many of their communities do not have their right recognized by the government and their languages are dying yet, the government is doing diminutive to help. The Native patients also receive inadequate health care, plus there is a dearth of capital and financial institutions in the native communities. In addition, the Native experience practically completes invisibility in the media. The percentage of characters in popular films and prime-time TV shows that represent the Native American ranges from zero to 0.4 percent, according to content
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