Injustice In Sharon Olds On The Subway

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What is America? The land of opportunity or degradation, people can't decipher the true origins of a country of diversity that upholds the fathom sanctums of segregation. Instead, literature conveys the era of brutality and unconstitutional silence of the growing minorities. In addition, “On the Subway” by Sharon Olds portrays the idealistic point-of-view of the privilege, imagery of injustice, and the attitude of the speaker from her experiences.

The aspects of superiority has been ingrained in the minds of humanity since a country fuels the flames of nationality and strengthens the matter of pride and prejudice. Even though, we are no different from an average man, we are all categorized from the same species yet dwell on the smidge of a
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In fact, she states as having the role of a wanted specimen in the world because she is white ;therefore, “must profit from his darkness”, she has the will to over analyze a man of poor status and redeem him a criminal. Furthermore, the poem is a division between the white race and the black colony, both humans, but are made to be polar and insoluble since “he is black and [she] is white”. Moreover, the speaker continues to emphasize the privilege of “eating the steak he doesn't not eat,” signifying the continuous struggle of ripping the lifestyle off the black boy and asking in the trophy of white power. Indeed, the white man has ravaged the resources of the nation and continues to prey and sick the life source of those they can deem inferior. In the end, the speaker illustrated the harsh realities of socio economic classes and the evils of capitalism, there will always be a working class feeding the
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