Injustice In The Civil Rights Movement

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Our society has been subject to different forms of injustice for hundreds of years, such as slavery followed by decades segregation and discrimination. Discrimination is a common thread in the United States throughout the years, and even though slavery has ended, discrimination continues today in many forms. People who have felt discriminated against have responded in many ways from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s to the Black Lives Matter movement of today. Los Angeles in the 1990s was still a place of segregation that led to discrimination and racial tension. The Los Angeles riots (or the Rodney King riots) in 1992, were another painful but eye opening event in the long fight for justice. The riots were the unfortunate reaction…show more content…
24 hours of the day you could see everything the rioters could see. Helicopters flew above filming the beatings of both Reginald Denny and Fidel Lopez. People filmed as rioters broke into homes and stores and took as much as they could bragging to the people around them about all the good stuff they now have. Children, adults, and elders of all ages took place in the looting and riots. People would gather, watch, and participate in beatings of innocent people. People were fed up and you could see that throughout the six days of the riots. People could see all the terrible things that happened to rioters and police. Sabrina Coughlin added on, “I was not in any direct danger, but it was a very tense time. It was sad watching all the news coverage of the rioting all day.” Even in the safety of a home or in this case a hotel room you could see all the damage being done. You could see the terrible things happening to people with lives and jobs. You could see families and lives being destroyed on your TV screen. Some of the lootings ruined businesses causing more hardships in already poor neighborhoods. Trust was broken and lives were
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