Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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How does Harper Lee portray justice in ‘To kill a Mockingbird’? ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is based on the similar experience related to the idea of racism in her childhood. Especially the trial of Scottsboro in Alabama which nine black people were accused of raping two white women demonstrates how the treatment of African American was cruel at that time. Although the Civil War was ended when she was publishing this novel, the Civil Rights Movement was substantial bringing out controversial issue about black people’s demand of more social rights. Correspondingly, the novel reminds the causes of the war and the circumstance in the Southern part at that time when the racial discrimination was actively happened. Especially the idea of social injustice is distinctly reflected in the behaviours of biased people living in Maycomb society where black people are considered as an inferior presence. In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, Harper Lee illustrates the theme of justice through various literary techniques by narrating the events of adult’s world in child’s fair perspective, symbolizing each character to demonstrate the consequences which the society influences a child, and reinforcing the theme of social hierarchy due to racism. Firstly,…show more content…
Adults lose their ability of judging the righteous deeds as they are exposed to the corrupted society. However, in this novel the adolescents later understand the adult’s merciless thought after they experience the hideous side of the world. Thus, injustice is emphasized through the novel mainly from the adult’s perspective with the use of various literary techniques. Harper Lee uses the child’s point of view to convey the fairness of youth. In addition, she shows contrasting disposition of the characters and appoints the theme of racism to exaggerate the malicious side of
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