Injustice In Ward No Six

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Name;Abdulaahi Dahir Warsame How Anton chekhov develops the theme of injustice in ward no 6. Anton chekhov is considered amongst the adroit of literature renown for his originality,humour and life mimicking stories.Ward number six is one story that takes one into a too familiar aspect of human existence injustice.Injustice is bred by characteristics and circumstances such as selfishness ,social hierarchy and power structure typically the most vulnerable and the most exploited are those that have found themselves at the lower parts of these social systems and so have been exploited throughout human ubiety. The story opens with a portraiture of the ward,the ward is instantly presented as cut off from society “ in the hospital yard there stands a small lodge surrounded by a perfect forest of burdocks, nettles, and wild hemp”(171) chekhov 's choice of wording in the quote is worth noting such as his use of the word stand which underscores remoteness of the ward being disconnected from the rest of the hospital whereas a word such as surrounded headlines engulfment of the ward shielding it from the outside society this is further developed as you go on by him saying “ The front of the lodge faces the hospital at the back it looks out into the open country, from which it is separated by the grey hospital fence with nails on it.”(171) a fence symbolises restriction of freedom and hindrance of one 's free will this is added to further by the presence of the nails as
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