Injustice Of Human Trafficking

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There are so many injustices around us. When we talk about the injustice about human trafficking not many of us aren’t aware or putting that much attention either because it’s not happening in the surrounding or in their families. Most of agree that human trafficking is an exploitation through the use of violence, deception or coercion and forced to work against their will. I 'm convinced that human trafficking is slavery. It’s important to know that human trafficking is a very prevalent crime against basic human rights, a crime that has spiraled out of control right under our noses. There are three core elements of human trafficking according to (united nation office on drugs and crime) link: 1) The action of trafficking which means the recruitment,…show more content…
Because many trafficked persons are never identified, it is difficult to get a real accurate statistics of how many people are getting traffic in a second, hour, day, month, and years. There are sex exploitation, domestic servitude, and organ harvesting during human trafficking. Sexual Exploitation: A person who is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation may be controlled by violence, threats, substance abuse, deception or grooming. Forced labor is work done involuntarily under the threat of a penalty such as violence or harm to the victim’s family and often unable to leave. Domestic Servitude: A person who is forced to provide services with the obligation to live on/in a property without the possibility of changing those circumstances. Organ Harvesting: A person who is trafficked and specifically chosen for the harvesting of organs or tissues, such as kidneys, liver etc. without consent, to be sold. Although trafficking for sexual exploitation gets most of the attention, most of all trafficked people are used exclusively for labor exploitation. Many people that are victims who are trafficked are seeking to escape poverty and discrimination, improve their lives and send money back to their families. Often they get an offer of a well-paying job, when these victims arrive at the place of destination; they find that the work they were promised does not exist and they are forced instead to work in jobs or conditions to which they did not agree. I personally think that this is the harshest thing anyone can go
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