Injustices To Chinese Women Analysis

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Do you see the difference between the male and female population? There is a little difference today, such as the amount of income between the two and how some jobs/activities are men orientated. Now we tend to view them equally, but in the past it was different. Back then people were more sexist. Women weren't allowed to vote, so they would fight for their rights and freedom to get their voice out in order to take part of the presidential elections. They would also often become homemakers considering women didn’t have a wide selection of jobs as men did. If women were to ever acquire a better job, they would hardly make business being that men didn’t want to have a female to overpower them. In chapter seven and eighteen of Worlds Together, Worlds Apart by Elizabeth Pollard, there were two documents I found interesting. The…show more content…
I find it disturbing that a father would kill their child if it was a girl. I know that having a male was more valued than a female, but they should not go as far as killing a child or treat her like a "slave". Another fact I was knowledgeable about before reading “Injustices to Chinese Woman” was the reason for binding a woman’s foot in this era was a symbol of beauty in the Chinese culture. Women with smaller feet were considered very beautiful. Now I don’t actually understand how the size of a foot can depict beauty or wealth, but I found this to be an extremely ridiculous and painful practice in a culture. This is no different than the Victorian era where woman wore corsets to achieve a thinner waist to also express beauty. Arranged marriages also seemed to be a popular thing to do back then as well. Although these matchmakers at the time were trying to give one family riches, I believe they should have focused on the connection of two people rather than the
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