Inmate Ellery Case Study

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When I arrived on shift we were advised during pass on that inmate Ellery, Danielle Jean (A-13367) was upset due to multiple inmates being showered out and placed in her cell (Cell 1). Her along with inmate Roskey, Skylar Lynne (A-14203) antagonized and bullied both inmate Knight and Robertson until they were at their breaking point. It got to the point where inmate Belanger tried to intervene and got in a heated argument with Roskey, which almost boiled over turning into a physical altercation between the two. Ever since inmate Roskey was placed with Ellery it created a cancer within the cell with the two feeding off of each other. As ordered by Sgt. Gagnon I advised all inmates from Cell Block 1 that all bickering or fighting within the cell…show more content…
She then stood at the Booking Desk and refused to go into Detox due to them being in there. After ordering her multiple times to enter Detox she finally complied, after we were about to use force to drag her into Detox. Shortly thereafter, I returned to Detox and removed all inmates except for inmates Ellery and Roskey and placed them in the gym. While in Detox both Roskey and Ellery constantly waved at the cameras and kicked the cell door causing a disturbance within the jail. I decided it would be best to split up the two, so I moved Roskey to Cell Block 2. I then returned to Detox to attempt to move Ellery back in Cell Block 1. She flat out said she wasn’t going to stop with her antagonizing of inmates Knight and Robertson and was going to rip inmate Tadajewski off of “her” bottom bunk. Ellery then stated “you might as well get my stuff and I will stay in holding the remainder of my stay.” I then asked Ellery one final time, if she was sure of her decision and advised her that there will be consequences for her actions. She still refused to comply with direct orders to cease with her actions and was then ordered to Holding Cell

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