Inmate Gagneur Case

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On the above date & time Myself, along with CO’s Burke & Somers entered detox holding cell to place inmate Gagneur, Brandon Everette (a-15556) in the restraint chair. Previous to coming on shift, we were informed that Gagneur had taken a razor & made cuts on his arm, neck, chest & abdomen. Also, Gagneur attempted to drink the cleaning solution that was handed out in the mop buckets. When Gagneur was issued his bag lunch for dinner, he became upset & demanded that he receive a regular meal tray. While myself & Somers were picking up the meal trays, Gagneur proceeded to throw the contents of his bag lunch across the detox cell smashing the contents all over the walls, cameras & cell door. Gagneur then started throwing toilet paper & proceeded…show more content…
I then ordered Gagneur to kneel of the floor; which he refused & started to pull away. At 1908 hrs, I grabbed inmate Gagneur by the shoulder & applied a knee strike to the common peroneal. Gagneur was then handcuffed & leg irons were applied for the restraint chair. Once Gagneur was placed in the restraint chair, he began to resist before the lap waist belt was secured. I then kneeled on inmate Gagneur as he was seated in the chair & applied pressure points to get him to comply. At 1910 hrs, Sgt. Modrzynski drew his taser & applied a dry stun to inmate Gagneur left shoulder. Due to inmate Gagneur threatening to spit & attempting to bite my arms, as I was applying pressure points to restrain him. At 1913 hrs, inmate Gagneur was fully restrained, & moved to holding cell a without further incident. At 2125 hrs, inmate Gagneur was removed from the restraint chair, & encouraged to move around the holding cell. At 2135hrs, myself & CO Johnston removed inmate Gagneur from holding cell A, & placed him in the shower. Gagneur was covered in blood from resisting in the chair, & had broken open the cuts he had sustained earlier. Gagneur was later issued a mat, & the water was turned back on due to him being compliant & following verbal

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