Inmate Letter

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The article I read was the last words of a prison inmate. He has written the letter to his mother., condoning her for his upbringing. How her actions help lead him to the life he had, and the actions he did. It was a great example of the right and wrong parents should teach their parents. As well as an outcry for education to strengthen, both the parent and the child alike. We are the products of our surroundings. If certain people or things are placed and our surroundings the adult life or a human can be changed drastically. I feel the inmate was just in his letter, and I agree with every word written within it. The inmate 's mother is just as reasonable for the inmate 's imprisonment as he is. I truly believe the way we are raising impact what we become in the future. The very first sentence of the letter reads, “Mother if there were more justice in this world, we would be both executed and not just me. You 're as guilty as I am for the life I led.” This paints the picture that the life of the inmate was a role in why he ended up where he…show more content…
The inmate of how people stay the same throughout their lives based on where they come from. The surrounding, media, people, etc. impact how we act in our future. Then you can argue that the end of his life, he changed from what was expected of his upbringing. Some people live their lives on their upbrings, while others make their own paths and brighter futures. Before a man in prison died, he asked the guards for a pen and a piece of paper. He decided to write a letter to his mother. The letter expressed that he was not the only one for blame of his problems. So was his mom. The surrounding, media, people, etc. impact how we act in our future. The moral of the letter was to educate children and parents. Show that children need discipline and knowledge of right from wrong from their parents. Not approval of the bad things they do. Sadly, the inmate who wrote this letter didn’t make his own path, and neither did his
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