Inmate Population In Maine

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The inmate population is out of control. The redesign of prisons in Maine are taking place to expand the capacity of holding more inmates why smaller county and regional jails are shutting down. Many of Maine Inmate population that were housed in the county and regional jails that have since been shut down turned in to a tempera holding cells or reentry programs facilities have been sent to other jails to be housed. Which is fine for the inmate but now cause a whole slew of problems. Like over populations of jails the cost of housing an inmate and who becomes responsible for paying for them.
The 127th Maine Legislature, First regular Session An Act to Reverse Jail Consolidation LD 186. Discusses the operation of the jails in the State of Maine
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W. Clement Stone said “You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are things around you helping you toward success-or are they holding you back” This comes into play when your break down the population of inmates and what there up brings were. You will find that all inmates come from different walks of life but what brings many of them together is the missing piece of the five essential components of the environment. Taking any inmate and evaluating their environment you could get a better understanding of why they act the way they do. Being a product of your environment to me means the environment you live in becomes your accepted norm and influences the way you…show more content…
The answer is overcrowding, unsafe work environments, higher cost of living, more aggression from inmates higher turnover rates form staff and loss of jobs for others higher taxes for counties that have to help fill the finical deficit. Nothing good can come from the consolidation of jails to try in cut cost. In terms of how it affects crime, inmates who are housed in jails or other detention facilities are there for a reason and have been found by a judge to serve x amount of time for the crime they committed. With the consolidation of jails and an overcrowding. Facilities are going to have no choice other than to start releasing inmates who don’t pose a great deal of threat in reoffending. Releasing inmates or are not ready or who have not been given the resources to live outside of the four break walls were they had all their basic needs meet well likely be a reoffender in means of serval because they haven’t been thought to do

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