Inmors, Lies And Prejudices In Arthur Miller's The Cru

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Summary of The Crucible and The Theme of Rumours, Lies and Prejudices The Crucible is a story written by Arthur Miller based on the Salem witchcraft trials, take place in a small Puritan village in Massachusetts in 1692. It mostly about rumours, lies and prejudices mostly presented by the main character ; Abigail William who made her own town in panic and confusion. People were afraid of witches and crazy about it, thus, a lot of guiltless people were accused and suspected of being witches. The story started by a group of girls led by Abigail and Tituba the Barbados woman dancing and making witchcraft in the forest at night. They were trying to make something superstitious that can make someone they want love them, but they were incidentally found by Reverend Parris; uncle of Abigail and master of Tituba. On that night, everyone were in chaos rushing out from that place. The morning after, Parris’ daughter named Betty who was also there in the forest that night acted like she were cursed and couldn’t get up(Miller, 3). The…show more content…
It seems like she can blame anyone she want because she has got a lot of partisans to be witnesses in the court. She used the advantages of majority to win even they were lying. Many innocent people were accused and sent to to jail. John and Elizabeth Proctor discuss people that have been charged and found out that there were something strange, as they knew Abigail before as a kind of immoral person. Abigail had been working as a servant in their house before but because of finding out affair with John, she was fired. Abigail later charged Elizabeth Proctor too, as she still had jealousy toward her and still want to have John. Hale, a wise man who knows a lot of supernatural thing came along to Proctor house as he noticed also something wrong. He lightly believe John and Elizabeth that Abigail accused others but they have nothing to prove, so even they charged Abigail back Abigail would win anyways
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