Comparing The Lottery, The Most Dangerous Game And Tell-Tale Heart

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Every person is innately evil in some way. People may seem perfectly sane on the outside but on the inside they could be one of the most evil people. Whether it be a child, teen or adult everyone at any age can be innately evil. The idea of people being innately evil shows throughout many short stories such as The Lottery, The Most Dangerous Game and Tell-Tale Heart. In the three short stories the theme of evil is relevant in each. The trait of being evil can develop in any person of any age because it is an inborn trait.
Not all people are born to be good. In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is an example of when we see that humans are innately evil. In the case of this story not only is one person evil but a village of many families with children, teens and adults of all ages. The story started out seeming like a very quiet and pleasant town but then the story takes a twist. The evil in everyone begins to appear when everyone starts to fill their pockets to
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Evil is something that can be hidden within oneself and brought up depending on the situation. An example of when people are shown to be evil is in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. When the main character Rainsford becomes the very thing he did not want it to become because the evil ways of the island have changed his views for the worst. The shift in Rainsfords views is shown many time throughout the text but greatly when the narrator states “ Rainsford decided he had never slept in a better bed” (Connell 15). When the narrator says this it implies he is not phased over killing a man then sleeping in his bed. Also that Rainsford’s mind is being disheveled to the point that he begins to believe that there is nothing wrong with murder. This proves how innately evil he was, although both of the these texts show innately evil acts. In the short story Tell-Tale Heart, it demonstrates the greatest amount of
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