Innateness And Language Acquisition

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Abstract: This paper is about the link between innateness and language acquisition.On the one hand, innateness is the genetic ability of human beings to acquire language. That is, humans are born with a genetic capacity to acquire any language they are exposed to. On the other hand, language acquisition is the process of getting the language unconsciously through communicating with people in a society. This paper presents some ideas about innateness, language acquisition, mentalism, lateralization, environment and some more important opinions of scholars in this respect.
1. Introduction: The importance of the innateness hypothesis during the process of first language acquisition is the concern of this research .The innateness hypothesis is presented by Noam Chomsky, that children are born with knowledge of the fundamental principles of Grammar. Chomsky assents with his theory that this in born knowledge helps children to acquire their native language effortlessly and systematically despite the complexity of the process. Acquiring language is the most difficult process of a child’s maturation period. Yet, children do not seem to know how much knowledge they are acquiring and processing. In this research, this process is analyzed in the context of Chomsky’s theories of universal and generative grammar and the language faculty. The process of first language acquisition is surveyed from the very first weeks of a child’s life until the time that grammar is finalized.

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