The Importance Of Inner Beauty

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We have all tried too hard to make our outer beauty “look good” while we should be focused on how to “fix” or “improve” our inner selves. Many people have spent millions of dollars trying to get rid of their physical “imperfections” or follow trends in order to fit in with the crowd. For example, since the Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted, some people are even getting Brazilian butt lifts so they can look like Kim Kardashian. It may seem like a good thing to do if you have the money, but what people do not take into consideration is the risks they are taking just to live up to society’s standards of beauty. The sad thing to hear is society’s standards are changing with time, so the beauty trend that may be popular now may not be popular…show more content…
The outer beauty comes from a different source than the inner beauty. Outer beauty is based on genetics, while inner beauty is based on the way in which a person thinks and views things. Our outer beauty does not reflect our inner beauty nor is vice versa true (Osho, 2018). There have been cases in which our inner beauty is so great and beautiful that it begins to light out from our inner body. Our outer beauty may not be beautiful, but the light that comes from the inside will make even a body which is not beautiful in the ordinary sense appear beautiful. (Osho, 2018) The inner beauty that a person may have can influence the outer beauty, but truth be told the outer beauty cannot influence the inner beauty of an individual. A person becomes too identified with the outer beauty and sadly said the outside may represent something that is not very pretty on the inside. Their outer beauty becomes a cover-up to hide themselves behind, and it is experienced by millions of people every day. For example, most people start dating others because they see their outer beauty and it’s pleasing to them, but after a couple of dates then they realize that the only thing they like about that person is their physical appearance because their inner beauty is not beautiful (Osho, 2018). For example, Alexander the Great had a very beautiful body but killed millions of people, just to fulfill his ego that he is the world conqueror. Later in his life he met a man by the name Diogenes, the only man who lived differently than everyone else. Diogenes was a man that was beautiful not just physically but his inner beauty was truly tremendous. Alexander could not believe or let others believe that there was a man who was far more beautiful than him. The huge shock that Alexander received was when he realized the Diogenes
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