Essay On Urban Poor

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In Sao Paulo, Caldeira observes how the withdrawal by the upper class from public space enclaves leads to the emergence of a discourse associating criminality and poverty, and generates stereotypical images of the poor as the inherently dangerous “other” (Rodgers, 2004). However, some argues that the urban poor represent a force for revolutionary change, while others suggest that they are basically conservative in their socio-political views, and focus on survival. This paper seek to critically assess and contrast these two views. Moreover this will be done through assessment of different theoretical views.
However this essay briefly seek to define the concept of urban poor as mainstay of these two views. This essay will also assess and contrast the urbanization of poverty and special problems created by the
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However in Villa la Esparanza poor are called pobladores. However urban poor is a multidimensional phenomenon that live with many deprivations. Their daily challenges may include limited access to employment opportunities and income and many other things such as
 inadequate and insecure housing and
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cities that resulted in a spatial mismatch between workers and jobs when employment decentralized (Teitz and Chapple, 1998). In essence, structural changes in the economy have caused poverty. However, these are some of the empirical evidence determines the inter-relationship between these two contrasting views. Because considerably better service levels. Those developing countries which have a relatively high per capita GDP have already provided a relatively high percentage of their urban households with access to water and sanitation services - two of the important indices of the quality of urban life (Bhattacharya,
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