Inner Identity In Pygmalion

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The play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is a play that takes place in Victorian England, it is about a girl who was defined as a flower girl but then passed as a middle class duchess. Pygmalion was based off a greek mythology involving, a Greek man (Pygmalion) who is a sculptor falls in love with his sculpture. Pygmalion prays to the Greek goddess Venus, who later brings his creation to life. Higgins is played as “Pygmalion” because he changes Eliza’s outward Identity like her appearance,manners and the way she talks. Eliza is known as the statue is because Higgins “falls in love” with his creation. By the help of phonetic expert and a Colonel. At the beginning of the play Eliza is known as a girl who would sell flowers on the side of Tottenham…show more content…
In the play Pygmalion, Eliza never value her own independence at its most. Eliza sold herself away as an experiment to 2 bachelors who promised to make a lady out of her. At the end of the experiment Eliza wants her independence, though Higgins isn’t very thrilled with that idea. Eliza explains her idea of marriage to Higgins, implying that she wants to marry Freddy. Eliza was used as an experiment by Colonel Pickering and Higgins. Shaw shows in the perspective of Eliza that she wants the independence she deserves. He writes “¨HIGGINS: [sitting down beside her] Rubbish! You shall marry an ambassador. You shall marry the Governor-General of India or the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland or somebody who wants a deputy-queen. I´m not going to have my masterpiece thrown away on Freddy. LIZA: You think I like you to say that. But I havent forgot what you said a minute ago; and I won't be coaxed round as if I were a baby or a puppy. If I can have kindness, I'll have independence”(pg 87-88). In the text Eliza compares herself to a baby and a puppy because she hasn’t made her own life choices every since she started taking “classes” from Higgins on how to be formal or become a lady. This evidence indicates that Eliza hasn’t had independence because Higgins called her his “masterpiece”. At the beginning of the play Eliza would never stand up for herself but make crying sounds. At the end of the play Eliza bean standing…show more content…
Because she valued independence. But if she valued independence then she wouldn't have let Higgins and Pickering take her as an experiment. She may have valued independence a bit, but she didn't fight for it throughout the play. Eliza didn’t value self-respect throughout the play, because she wasn’t used to be treated with so much respect. People may think she did have self-respect, but she wouldn’t have told Pickering and Higgins she wanted to look and be like a lady. She would’ve known that she was worthy enough to be a lady.Eliza's life was not better at the end of the play. Because at the end of her transformation, she forgot how to speak the way she used to. She has different manners and she started wearing what she usually would not

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