Innocence In Alden Nowlan's The Fall Of A City

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Innocence is the idea of being blameless and free from any wrongs because one devoid in making any decisions. However, at times those who are innocent cause frenzy and disruptions in a family. Alden Nowlan’s, The Fall of a City, portrays how Teddy, an eleven year old boy, full of imagination in his own little world is ridiculed by his aunt and uncle whom believe that he is up to something in the attic. Subsequently, it is accentuated that his imagination blinds him from realizing the reality that his imaginations are illusions. Throughout this short story, Nowlan demonstrates how naivety and innocence blinds one from realizing the truth by juxtaposing the two settings and emphasizing on the conflicts. Ultimately, innocence undermines an individual’s…show more content…
When Teddy is faced with predicaments with his aunt and uncle, he succumbs to pressure. As his uncle is blaring out irrational comments at him, he does nothing but “[sits] by the window and [looks] out at the rain” (Nowlan 2). Teddy’s lack of rebellion is the conflict that portrays his inability to express his own opinions in words which is a key to obtaining individuality. He is blinded by his own innocence and succumbs to his uncle’s words when he sits alone which implies that he agrees with him. Another example of his innocence that stops him from becoming an individual is when he destroys his creation. The conflict is that he allows his uncle to alter his opinion. While being chided by his uncle’s comments, he gives in and “[seize] the cardboard palace [and] tears at its walls”(Nowlan 3). By destroying his creation, Teddy portrays that he succumbed to his uncle’s pressure. His individuality is undermined because he allows his uncle to determine his decisions for him. Hence, his innocence is his barrier that stops him from developing his individuality due to the lack of personal judgement which is a key human skill. It is imperative for one to not let innocence stop them from being able to make one’s own decisions so one does not succumb to other’s
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