Innocence In Dracula

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Dracula starts off in Johnathon Harker’s diary. Johnathon heads to Transylvania on a business trip to sell Dracula, a wealthy count in Transylvania, some real estate in London. After several incidents of Count Dracula attempting to suck Johnathon’s blood, and imprison him, Johnathon escapes and the novel switches to Mina Murray, Johnathon’s fiancé, and her friend, Lucy Westenra’s, points of view through their letters. Its mostly just gossip, but there are several references to Johnathon. Next, it shifts to Dr. John Seward’s, sometimes referred to as Jack, dairy with a description of Renfield who is a patient at Jack’s asylum. After this, it alternates points of view, with the occasional newspaper clipping thrown in. Lucy becomes Dracula’s victim…show more content…
Lucy, who was earlier described as innocent, and young, is as a vampire turned into a voluptuous figure, without any trace of innocence left. So by striking a stake into her heart and severing her head the return her to her state of innocence. That she turned curvaceous is a symbol for the want and desire to become a vampire, but unlike Renfield, this deals more with the sexual aspect of being a vampire. After this there is not much new symbolism, Dracula is found, chased back to London, and killed. The book also mentions that the vampires are repelled by communion wafers and the cross. This give the impression that they are unholy and truly are demons that need to be killed. In addition, the group stuck these items around Lucy, after returning her innocence. This could give the book a central topic of the prospect of Christen salvation. Dracula features several topics, but few themes. The major theme in Dracula is about how knowledge is useful. The group only defeats Dracula after putting together all of their diaries to get more knowledge. When someone ignores or omits some information, by the time they do share or listen it’s too late. For instance, when Renfield attacked Dr. Seward, and Dr. Seward didn’t tell anyone, Mina became Dracula’s next…show more content…
The book also seems to be badly misproportioned, spending too much time in the exposition, and hardly any on the climax. The climax is fairly difficult to determine, it might be Lucy’s death (either one), or it might be the killing of the Count. Certain characters seem not to be very developed such as the three woman, or even van Helsing. The characters rarely directly see the titular character, they just talk about him and plan to kill him. However, the plot appears to be moderately good; although it is time consuming. Overall the book is fairly slow, slightly good plot, and several underdeveloped
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