Innocence In Roberto Benigni's Life Is Beautiful

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Innocence is a gift a child is born with. A gift that parents fight for over the course of their child’s life. This gift of innocence is portrayed in the play Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni, the short story “Protecting Our Children’s Innocence” by Joe Turnham, and the sketch drawn by 13-year-old Helga Weissova. Life is Beautiful and Weissova sketch, are works that speak about individual experiences in a Holocaust concentration camp. Helga Weissova’s sketch depicts a mother and daughter that are tiny and frail due to their time spent in a concentration camp. Although Life is Beautiful is a fictional account of life in a concentration camp, it is still said to be just as good of an example of the Holocaust depicted by Weissova sketch. The Holocaust…show more content…
During the war, Hitler gathered the “unworthy people” and opened camps in and around Germany, referring to them as work camps. No one knew the horrors that took place in these “work camps”. The multiple “work camps” set up in Germany are now today known as concentration camps. These camps were where the undesirable were sent to die. Both Life is Beautiful and Weissova sketch are about the Holocaust and the cruelty showed their experiences there. The short story ”Protecting our Children’s Innocence” however is not based on the Holocaust, but is based on how today 's social media, and social expectations are taking away a child 's innocence when they are far too young. Joe Turnham writes how it is our society 's job to protect the innocence of all children for as long as possible. Furthermore it can be said that these three pieces of literature are similar in the way that they all describe how a child’s innocence is something worth fighting for even when forced with the hardest of situations. Thusly, the three forms of literature reflect reality in the way of showing the need to preserve a child 's innocence as long as possible, and even when faced with true challenges, a child’s innocence is something worth
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