Innocent Or Guilty Case Study

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The judge and jury in a court case are suppose to take the information presented and use it to decide if the defendant is innocent or guilty. This decision relies on conducting a proper investigation. All the evidence should be presented and used correctly, even if it might not seem significant at the time. Also, the information provided should be as correct as possible with numerous amounts of detail. All suspects should be investigated at the same level of scrutiny as the others to ensure whether are truly innocent or guilty. This way, the jury and judge have accurate and unbiased information to use to make their decision. This was not done in case regarding the murder of Hae Min Lee. Adnan Syed is innocent in the murder of Hae Min Lee because…show more content…
Adnan is innocent because the evidence that was presented in this case was not used effectively or interpreted correctly. Asia 's letter to Adnan was not used, the cell tower logs were used incorrectly and the items found at the crime scene were not tested for possible DNA evidence. Asia sent Adnan a letter on March 1, 1999 that was not used in court as evidence. In the letter she described seeing and talking to Adnan at the library during the time Hae was killed. If the letter was used in court it would have provided Adnan with the alibi he needed to prove that he was not with Hae at the time of her death. Another piece of evidence that was not used appropriately were the cell tower logs. The state based a significant part of their case on the times and locations the cell phone tower records showed for Adnan 's cellphone. It was later discovered that AT&T had a disclaimer on their fax cover page that said only outgoing calls are reliable for location information. This means that Adnan could have been at a different place than the call logs show, suggesting he could have not been at any of the crime scenes. The evidence found at the scene where Hae 's body was discovered was not tested for possible DNA evidence. At the part of the forest that Hae 's body was found there were also liquor bottles, rope, bullet shell casings and a rolled condom alongside its wrapper. None of this evidence was tested for possible DNA evidence. If these items were tested, it could have assisted the…show more content…
Adnan is innocent because there are other people who were not investigated as thoroughly, even though they appear to be more suspicious than Adnan. Mr. S, Jay and Ronald Lee Moore seem guiltier than Adnan. Mr. S could have been the one who committed the crime. Mr. S was the person who found the body. He had a criminal record and his story of walking 114 feet into the forest for privacy to urinate seems strange when you consider the fact the he was a nudist. Maybe if he was investigated more the police would find out how else he is connected to the murder and maybe even the real murderer. Jay also seems more likely than Adnan to be the murderer. Jay knew where the car was so he was involved in this crime somehow. He was also know to lie so maybe he lied about how much Adnan was involved compared to how much he was involved in the murder. If Jay was investigates thoroughly maybe the police would be able to find out the true events in Jay 's story and how exactly he was involved, leading them to the real murderer. Ronald Lee Moore could also be the real murderer. He was a criminal linked to two rapes and one murder in that area of Baltimore and was released early by accident from a nearby prison shortly before Hae went missing. The murder he committed was similar to Hae 's so maybe if the police investigated him and looked for connections between him and Hae, they would have found links to the murder that were stronger than Adnan’s. In conclusion, Adnan is innocent

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