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When I was younger, my siblings and I watched a movie about child soldiers in El Salvador who had to fight. The movie was called “Innocent voices”. It was about a Civil war in El Salvador that threatens the life of an 11-year-old and his family who live in a small village. I felt so terrible after watching the movie. Up to this day, I plan on going to El Salvador to see the environment their even though it's been almost twenty years since the Salvadoran Civil War. My dad doesn't want me to go because it's too violent their at times, but I refuse to listen to him.As a grew older, I heard about mass killings in different places of the world as a result of war or disagreements between countries. I knew I was safe from guns and mass occurs because…show more content…
According to “The Charge: Genocide by Lydia Polgreen, “Since 2003, the United Nations estimates that at least 300,000 civilians have been killed in Darfur—a vast arid region of Sudan.” A mass murder occurred in Darfur and left many without homes. 300,000 is a far too high number that you could simply say there has been some simple attack, a disagreement must have occurred or the beginning of a war. “The Charge: Genocide also states, “ could face arrest on charges of genocide… as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur:.” After the attack on Darfur, war crimes took into place. The conflict between two areas lead to the attacking which also means their must have been a disagreement of some source, supporting the claim that war/ disagreements is the main cause of genocide around the world. Lastly, Lydia Polgreen states, “The government responded by turning loose the janjaweed. On horses and camels, they have stormed black villages, setting fire to huts, stealing cattle, and raping and killing villagers.” When the government had some disputes with “black villagers” it caused many people to die and hits to be set on fire. This all supports the claim that war/disagreements is the main cause of

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