Innova Dog Foods Case Study

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Innova dog food is manufactured by Natura Pets Products that was founded in 1992 by John Rademakers, Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins. The company was founded to manufacture pet food without the use of dangerous ingredients. Over time, the company has earned itself an outstanding reputation with its Innova dog food earning a four star rating. Currently, the Innova dog food product line is composed of eleven kibbles; five of which are meant for adult maintenance, four of which meet nutrient profiles recommended by AAFCO and two for puppies. These products include: • Innova Adult large bites • Innova adult small bites • Innova red meet large bites • Innova red meat small bites • Innova puppy large breed • Innova adult large breed • Innova…show more content…
The first ingredients used in the manufacture of this dog food include chicken and turkey. Raw poultry is a high quality item in this list though it contains up to 80% water and after cooking this water evaporates reducing its content to 20%. Therefore, by virtue of their light weight, these ingredients should take a lower position in the ingredients list. The third and most dominant ingredient in the innova dog food is the chicken meal. Chicken meal has a high concentration of meat with up to 300% protein more than fresh poultry. The fourth ingredient used in Innova dog food is barley. Barley is classified as a carbohydrate that supplies fiber and other crucial, healthy nutrients. Barley plays a substantial role in maintaining the dog’s blood sugar levels. The fifth ingredient used is brown rice. This is a quality ingredient containing complex carbohydrates when cooked. It is also much easier to digest. The sixth item used is potato. Potatoes provide digestible carbohydrates and healthy nutrients that are vital in the dog’s

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