Innovation Adoption Research

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1. INTRODUCTION This paper studies the Phases of Innovation Adoption in Businesses: the Effects of the Environment, Organization, and Top Management. The hypothesis of the thesis is: Top Managers’ Favorable Attitude toward Innovation Positively Influence all Phases of an Innovation Adoption. The main question of the research is: How Does the Top Managers Influence the Phases of Innovation Adoption? And the sub questions consist: What are the Phases of Innovation Adoption? What are the effects of Environmental Antecedents on Innovation Phases? What are the Effects of Organizational Antecedents on Innovation Phases? Finally, what are the Effects of Top Managers Antecedents on the phases of innovation? The main objective of the dissertation is:…show more content…
And the manner the innovation dimensions influence these phases of innovation adoption. The research limits itself to the three dimensions and each dimension consists of three factors meant for literature review to test the set hypothesis of the research. Generally, innovation concerns with the creation and adoption of new ideas. Such practice is undertaken because of certain challenges that comprise of increased global competition, technological changes, fast-changing market situations, and customers’ desire for high quality products, preferences, and choices. But the phases of innovation process being initiation, adoption decision, and implementation are frequently influenced by some organizational factors which comprise of the environment, organization, and the top management positively or negatively; that compel specific firms to sustain whilst others fail. Therefore, the business organizations ensure that these characteristics are always favorable toward this strategic decision. In case innovation is successful, the organizations gain competitive advantage, high profitability, and expansion of…show more content…
Consequently, higher population growth enables local government to experience rising tax base and could aim to attract newcomers by levying low taxes through cost savings programs. This promotes the greater ability of the local government to initiate, adopt, and implement the desired new programs. Urbanization, community wealth and population growth individually as well as collectively, influence organizational innovation positively. Organizational characteristics of adoption involve two critical success factors for product innovation. These are doing the right projects and doing projects right. The first set is basically influenced by external environmental factors whilst the next is greatly induced by internal organizational characteristics (Copper, 1999, p. 115-116). The organizational antecedents are many but for the purpose of this study, organizational complexity and size, financial resources, and union impacts on innovation adoption will be
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