Innovation And Innovation: The Characteristics Of Innovation

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Innovation defined as taking existing or new systems and ideas and improving them. The ability to bring to mind things that are not present to human senses is called imagination. Since the essence of innovation is imagination, innovators used both of them to see the problem from different perspectives and find the outstanding solution. Then, they ended up with incredible products and services such as a 3D printer, sweetener, smartphone and software system. Those innovations that represent the result of trials and errors had alter the world and ease the people’s lives. As a result, people label those creators as “geniuses” because of the success found through their innovations. Despite that, a group of people thinks that innovation and imagination are the characteristics of rare genius with occasional inspiration. They believe that those products and services can only be done by genius scientists and engineers. However, I claim that innovation and imagination are the not the characteristics rare genius. Most of the successful innovators are self-taught and hard workers that created their innovations by analysis, observation and luck. For example, Percy Spencer “was conducting a radar-related research project with a new vacuum tube”. He crossed an active radar set; however, he observed that the candy in his pocket had suddenly began to melt. Then, he tested the machine with popcorn and it began to pop. Thus, Spenser knew he had a revolutionary device on his hands that is

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