Evolution Of Innovation

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Innovation defined as taking existing or new systems and ideas and improving them. The ability to bring to mind things that are not present to human senses is called imagination. Since the essence of innovation is imagination, innovators used both of them to see the problem from different perspectives and find the outstanding solution. Then, they ended up with incredible products and services such as a 3D printer, sweetener, smartphone and software system. Those innovations that represent the result of trials and errors had alter the world and ease the people’s lives. As a result, people label those creators as “geniuses” because of the success found through their innovations. Despite that, a group of people thinks that innovation and imagination…show more content…
Chuck Hull, that had been also known as the father of 3D printing, graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in engineering physics. Then, Hull worked for a small business that produced a tough coating for tabletops and furniture. Using ultraviolet UV light, a thin layers of plastic veneers was produced to cover them. Hull had been frustrated because that procedure could take him up to two months. However, he came up with a notion that turned the computer designs into 3D touchable paradigms. He thought that three dimensional object could be produced by placing thin layers of plastic on top of each other. Additionally, etching their shape using UV light. After working in the backroom lab for months, he finally developed a system called stereolithography that aids to successfully produce solid objects. A beam of UV light that moves under computer control focused on the surface of a vat of liquid. As the light strikes the liquid, it instantly turned into solid 3D model. This process represents the basic methodology of 3D printing. Hull opened the first 3D printing company in the world. Nowadays, his innovation has made significant changes in the world. It is used in different aspects such as healthcare, automotive industry, aircraft and packing industry. 3D printing worths now about $3 billion annually and it is growing…show more content…
However, both have been used to create new and effective product and service. For example, a lot of innovators did not complete their university education and they were good for nothing such as Larry Ellison. However, they have made massive impacts to people by making their life easier and comfortable. Ellison was a self-taught and hard worker person that used both innovation and imagination to create his software database. Therefore, I think the people who still believe that imagination and innovation are exclusively the characteristics of rare genius with occasional inspiration must alter their idea. That should happen because innovation does not require genius it just has to start with an idea that needs to be evolved. Thus, what is your

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