Innovation Process In An Organization

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Innovation Process in an Organization

Innovation Process in an Organization
Innovation is the process through which one thinks and brainstorms about new business ideas. The new business ideas need someone with special traits that enable the smooth running of operations and prevent loss of valuable resources. Innovation takes place as a result of the good coordination of different departments in a company. As long as the management of the enterprise is well networked, the innovation process is accomplished faster than expected. Another critical part of the innovation process is the thinking of ideas. A strong innovation process is determined by how the leader of the project thinks critically. Getting together
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The management looks into how people in the company interact and behave with each other while at work. Through looking into the patterns and levels of interaction among employees in the organization, the management would know the measures to take when implementing the change process. Also, the observation phase is where the management looks into the available physical space and places. Space and place where the innovation is to take place are determined through clear observation. Also, the observation component of design thinking process helps in determining the various available options regarding the change (Johansson, Woodilla & Çetinkaya, 2013). In the due process of implementing my innovation idea, looking at how people respond to any small change in the restaurant would highly help. The intensity with which employees would accommodate the baggage carousel way of serving food would also be noticed through the observation stage. The usual chatting with workers in the organization would also aid the observation process thus assisting in providing the management with vital information that would assist in the change process. Also, the frequent questioning of workers also helps in feedback collection regarding the innovation to be undertaken. After the whole observation process, the management should reflect on what they have seen so as to come up with the best policies to guide the innovation…show more content…
When bringing up changes in an organization, the open communication is the best strategy to be adopted by any organization. Through the open communication strategy, each and every employee in the company gets the whole information regarding any changes to be undertaken. Through the swift flow of communication, operations regarding the innovation process will be done quickly due to the quick diffusion of ideas. The open communication strategy enables the organization’s top management to share all the information regarding a certain issue with all employees of the company. The news shared should be both positive and negative so as to make the workers feel accommodate by the organization’s top leadership. For instance, so as to make my changes succeed in the company, sharing all the information regarding the innovation with the employees would ease the total sum of work to be done at the end (Smith,

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