Pepsi Refresh Project Case Study

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The Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi drink is owned by Pepsi Co company which manufactured other products like Fritos, Doritos, Quaker oats and many more products. Pepsi co company was founded in the year 1965 by Donald M Kendall. Indra K Nooyi is the current chairman and they have around 285000 employees working in their company. They are currently having a revenue of around 57 billion. The Pepsi brand manufactures many drinks like Diet Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Lipton Ice Tea, and Miranda.
The Pepsi Refresh Project was launched in the year 2009, instead of spending money for advertising during the Super Bowl series they decided to use the same money for special grants. The company decided to award grants to consumers whose ideas garnered maximum
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Their advertisements were not only aired on the main cable channel, but it was also aired on other cable networks also. Apart from advertising their Refresh project in Newspapers they made use of social media to promote their campaign. They had a dedicated website for their campaign They made of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter extensively to promote their campaign and they even collaborated with a music channel names SPIN. When concerts happened at various cities across United States they had celebrities talking to people about the Pepsi Refresh Project. They wanted people to talk about their refresh project…show more content…
Whether people liked music, sports or movie fans, their brand was associated with celebrities from all fields to promote their product. Pepsi Refresh project took a big decision of not participating in the Super Bowl. The main risk was they may lose a large segment of target audience as people are crazy about football in USA and there are many people who watch Super Bowl. Though they lost a lot of audience their main target was people who use social media. The main target of Pepsi Co did not change, and they stuck to their plans. This was the first time in twenty-three years that people did not watch Pepsi Ad during the Super Bowl series. If the risk taken paid off or not will only be known

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