Innovation In The Victorian Era

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As known, factory system and manufacturing were most important technological improvements, innovations of the Industrial Revolution. However, in nineteenth century, Victorian Period of Britain, major innovations were in infrastructure, such as railways, steam ships, transport systems. Those were some of the most important innovations of Victorian Britons. While in this period horses are still used as a power, steam power was the power of the period. Electricity discovered before the Victorian period, but it was not the moving force of the period, because after nineteenth century large electricity projects were undertaken. Until the end of the nineteenth century, use of electricity was very low, it was not large-scale. On the other hand, there were other very important innovations too, which are institutional innovations. In the Victorian Period, entrepreneurs were not only involved in private sector business, but also they were involved in politics and civil service. In the period, there were variety of product…show more content…
With six political systems—two of them side by side for the second half of the twentieth century—two controversial political unifications, two aggressively fought world wars, and continually changing borders, Germany after 1815 was a taxing environment for such planning as building a firm. It is no wonder, therefore, that the two spells of prolonged political stability, from first unification in 1871 until World War I and the post–World War II period in West Germany, were those when most big enterprise was formed and when innovativeness, though very different in style, was a pertinent characteristic of German enterprise.
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