Inorganic Fertilizer Literature Review

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Inorganic fertilizers provide rapid nutrition and give plants with the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong. Inorganic fertilizer, also called as synthetic fertilizer, is manufactured artificially and contains minerals or synthetic chemicals and it is which help a plant to grow faster.
Effective use of Inorganic Fertilizers Effectiveness in using these chemicals has good and bad effects on the environment especially on the health of a human being. Fertilizer has turn into essential to modern agriculture to feed the growing population. Use of fertilizers, especially, the chemical fertilizers has brought in blessings on humanity, which helped contain hunger and death in changed corners of the world. This all literature
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Contaminated water may contain high levels of nitrates and nitrites, causing haemoglobin disorders. Moreover, (April 2015) Environment associations says that most of the people all know that fertilizers are used for proper and healthy growth of plan but are they really healthy and what exactly are fertilizers and how do fertilizers affect the environment. It is a fertilizer is a substance, be it synthetic or organic which is added to the soil in order to increase the supply of essential nutrients that boost the growth of plants and vegetation in that soil. With the rapid increase in population globally, the demand of food and agricultural give in has been rising very highly. This is the reason why statistics show that almost 40-60% of agricultural crops are grown with the use of different types of fertilizers not only this, more than 50 percent…show more content…
Fertilizers remove the nutrients of the soil damaging the soil and the local environment and after being mixed with the soil, gradually reduce the fertility of the soil. In the study of (Southland) using fertilizers consists of substances and chemicals like methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and nitrogen, the emission of which has contributed to a great extent in the quantity of greenhouse gases present in the environment. These facts are alarming and a serious step needs to be taken as soon as possible to avoid more severe consequences. This in turn is leading to global warming and weather changes. The use of fertilizers for growth and cultivation is keeping our stomach filled for now, but then if things keep on progressing the way they are, it won’t take long to see the times where there is lack of food, water, and health. In fact, nitrous oxide, which is a by product of nitrogen, is the third most significant greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide and methane. Consequently, you can well imagine as to how harmful is the use of fertilizers for our environment and the ongoing use of fertilizers across the world
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