Inorganic Food Vs Organic Food

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Hypothesis: To determine whether to use organic or inorganic food and textiles based on their quality, price, effect on yourself and the environment. When our parents were younger, there was no choice when it came to buying organic food and textiles as food was produced with pesticides to increase the quantity and availability of agriculture. Nowadays, we do have a choice as more supermarkets, clothing stores and greengrocers stock organic food and textiles. Some people feel very strongly about what they eat and put in their bodies as well as how farming methods affect our environment and therefore buy organic products. Others do not feel that this is relevant and are not influenced by this research and continue to buy inorganic products,…show more content…
They feel or do not care if there are definite studies to prove that this food causes their bodies or the environment any harm. Inorganic or non-organic farming is determined by the chemicals that are used when produce is grown. The chemicals used are all synthetic and not natural. Animals are grown with antibiotics and growth hormones to increase the speed and size at which they grow as well as increasing their milk production, which ultimately increases the farmer’s profits. Medications are used to prevent diseases in the animals and testing is done to ensure that animals are disease free before products go to the consumer. Conventional farming is how most farms farm today because it is more economical for producers and consumers as produce can be produced on a bigger scale to supply global demand. Inorganic is much easier with fewer restrictions, quicker and cheaper to produce. The consumer also tends to steer towards inorganic products as they are easier to find, cheaper and sometimes more nutritional as vitamins have been added. Consumers also claim that it tastes better and has a longer shelf…show more content…
They use spray pesticides from natural sources to keep pests and diseases away. Animals are fed organic feed, and have access to go outdoors. Organic farming is known to be more civilized. To keep the animals from sickness, preventive measures are used. According to a State of Science Review done in 2008, organic food is more nutritious than inorganic as there are no chemicals or additives going into your body. This means less risk of disease and illness and overall better health, which will be cheaper in the long run as you will save money on health care costs. People with illnesses like Cancer and diabetes, claim that there is a definite improvement in their health after changing their diet to organic
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