Inpatient Survey In Healthcare

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Most health care facilities have created a survey questionnaire to have first-hand knowledge for the input from the customers. There are several department within a hospital and through out many health care facilities. An inpatient survey is developed to demonstrate the quality of care received to the cleanness of the room and even the food that was prepared for the patient. Survey are looking for the consistency, clarity and the brevity of the inpatient stay. With the information received the managers and chief executive officer of the hospital can determine what changes are needed. In this paper there will be a discussion on the type of survey conducted and the information needed to make these changes. What effects could be taken on the organization…show more content…
WellStar health system prides their self with a very low turn over with employees. Crediting their benefit package, great working environment and pay scales. The WellStar health system takes the care of each patient seriously and values each feedback. The WellStar health system has created several types of survey to adapt for the type of care received. There is survey for cancer treatments, diagnostic testing, inpatient, hospice care, cardiac care, maternity, pediatric and general survey. The object was to make sure all departments would have specific questions ask pertaining specifically for that department. This would insure problems would be addressed quickly from that specific department. This would ensure that an inpatient patient’s survey would address inpatient needs. There would be reason to send a hospice survey to a patient that was admitted for pneumonia as inpatient. This make sense and is a valid purpose for diverse department…show more content…
The survey is very complete and can be accessed through their patient portal online. However, to increase the percentage of responses, I would also mail the survey to those patients that did not respond to the online survey. In my experience the older population tends not to have the knowledge of computers which could lead to the older population not responding. This would increase the response from the older population and also from those patients that do not have a computer or access to a computer. Another thing that I would try would be give a hard copy of the survey to the patient while inpatient to complete prior to discharge. Most patients have a lot of time to fill while inpatient and this would certainly help fill some of that time. All these suggestions would increase the responses from the survey and help determine any problems with in the

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