Inpatient Vs Ambulatory Care Essay

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Comparisons Between Inpatient and Ambulatory Care When a patient comes into the hospital or a clinic, it is given that the patient is in need of medical care. It can either be preventative or for an emergency care. Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that it can be serious in which a hospital stay is needed or a simple trip to the pharmacy can do the trick. Inpatient and ambulatory care are the types of services a person can have in a medical setting. Inpatient care is a type of care that requires a hospital stay while ambulatory care, or also known as outpatient care, is a service that can be treated outside of the hospital setting that does not require an overnight stay (Shi &Singh, 2013). Our society has been leaning more towards the ambulatory service lately because it is more cost effective to the hospital and the patients. Both inpatient and ambulatory care have different scopes of services. As stated previously, inpatient care is a service that…show more content…
Outpatient services “eliminates inefficient, ineffective or unnecessary processes in a hospital setting” (Grubem et al., 2013). Not only does this benefit the hospitals with expensive procedures but it also helps the patient with costs. This will also benefit the hospitals so they could have more room for patients who really need to stay in the hospital for more serious diseases or use the hospital beds for “community based emergency” situations (Torrens & Williams, 2008). Other forms or alternative medical care is also available to patients such as chiropractors, acupuncture, or other holistic medicine that can help in a person’s well-being. There are more and more people turning to alternative medicine especially to those who do not have health insurance or ones that cannot afford “conventional” therapy because it is too expensive (Shi & Singh,
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