Input Process Output Outcome (Ipoo)

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Input Process Output Outcome (IPOO) The IPOO framework of this study includes the different variables essential to the development of the Mental Health Framework. The Input will be the records of students’ attendance and grades from the last quarter. This will be the basis for the identification of respondents. Utilization of research instruments such as the adapted Mental Health Assessment Tool and the Supplementary Mental Health Assessment Tools and data analysis will fall under Process. The Output will be the results of the data analysis which will be the answers to the statements of the problems and the results of the hypothesis testing. The Outcome will be the researcher’s own model of Mental Health Framework. Which will be discussed…show more content…
Students who are diagnosed with moderate of mental health, will be required to undergo investigative documentation and interview to determine the causes and prevalence of mental health problems. Investigative documentation includes the student’s profile and previous medical and academic records. The investigative interview, on the other hand, will be conducted to both student and parents. The parents may decline to participate in the process but the student will not be allowed to enroll unless they are willing to cooperate to ensure student’s mental…show more content…
The school administration should provide Mental Health Trainig for faculty and staff to ensure that they can identy students with possible mental health problem and so as to immediately intervene for the prevention of suicidal tendencies among students. Trained faculty and staff will lead the student organizations for the promotion of mental health.
The Student Involvement in Organization Policy obliges every student to join any student organization they choose. However, for those who can not decide which organization to join, the result of the Personality Assessment will be consulted. This policy is an integral part of the Mental Health Program since different student organizations will be in charge in various aspects of the framework. The Student Council will be the leading organization to teach and reinforce positive behaviors among students. Information regarding mental health will be disseminated through paper prints by the student publication. The publication is in charge of influencing students to learn more about their mental health and encourage them to be a part of the mental health promotion. Other organizations will serve as a venue to develop students’ social connectedness (for peer counselors organization), physical health (for

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