Inquiry Based Questions

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Inquiry Based Questions
How did Canada help Afghanistan in the war?
How much Canadian troops got killed in the Afghanistan war and how much survived ?
How did the war Began and why?
Why did the Al-qaeda join forces with the Talibans?
Were there any other troops who helped Afghanistan as well?
Why did prime minister Stephen Harper extended Canada’s mission in Afghanistan?
How did the people of afghanistan feel when war was going on?
Is Afghanistan safe now?

Research Notes
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Challenges in Afghanistan has seen
Afghanistan has been seeing challenges since 1970
During the past 20 years regard 2.5 millions of Afghans had died because of war
Afghanistan is better off now than 2001 because of the harsh things that the taliban 's have done to the Afghanistans

Challenges Canada has seen
September 2006 in the battle 300 militants and 5 canadians died
45 canadians had died for bombing and etc.
In January 15 2006 a canadian soldier Diplomat Glyn Berry because the first civilian to die in the mission in afghanistan. Berry was killed in a suicide attack on armoured vehicle he was driving.
More than 1,800 Canadians have been wounded
In May 17 Nicola Goddard, first Canadian women to die in action while serving in a combat role
September 3rd four canadian soldiers are killed and 9 others were injured in the medusa mission
Canada has spent more than $18 billion dollars for the veterinarians and much more

Womens have suffered the most such sextual assualt, killed, forced as slaves
Talibans are mostly pashtun
Taliban 's go by the rule
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