Inquiry Through Inquiry Process

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10. Inquiry through discussion:
It is a form of inquiry in which teacher teaches the students through discussion. The teacher secures feedback as opposed to inquiry through questioning.
11. Inquiry through laboratory work: This strategy is based on the experiences generated in the various social encounters by the learners themselves and which aims to influence attitudes and develop competencies towards learning about human interaction (Schein and Bennis, 1965). In this strategy, students work in laboratory and study different concepts, theories, facts or ideas by experimentation, data analysis and interpretation and other activities.
12. Inquiry Training Model:
Inquiry Training Model is classified into information processing models by Bruce
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Cooperative inquiry enriches thinking and helps students to learn about the tentative, emergent nature of knowledge and to appreciate alternative explanations.
Suchman (1962) believed that students have a natural motivation to inquire hence he designed the inquiry training model around intellectual confrontations. In this model, a puzzling situation or discrepant event is presented before students and students inquiries into it. The ultimate end of inquiry training is to help students develop the intellectual discipline and skills necessary to raise questions and search out answers steaming from their curiosity. Therefore, Suchman developed the inquiry training model to help students to inquire independently in a disciplined manner.
But our traditional educational system discourages the natural process of inquiry. Students become more silent in the classrooms as they move through the higher classes. They learn to listen and repeat the expected answers instead of learning to ask too many questions. It is the result of lack of inquiry based learning. Inquiry based learning refers to a range of instructional practices that promote students’ learning through student driven and teacher guided questions. Effective Inquiry is not just asking question, it is a process where data and information is converted into useful knowledge. Many Educationists have supported Inquiry based
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This model focuses on asking and answering questions to learn about the subject being presented. Inquiry training allows students to ask questions about a subject and through experimentation, answer those questions. Through experimentation, carefully guided by the teacher, students learn strategies that can be used, like concept attainment, in later learning in life and in the classroom (Mohr, 2010). Inquiry training model has five phases. The first phase is the students’ introduction with the puzzling situation or problem. Phases two and three are the data gathering, verification and experimentation. In these phases, students ask a series of yes/no type questions and they conduct a series of experiments of the problem situation. In the next phase, students organize the information and try to explain the discrepancy. Lastly, students analyze the problem-solving strategies used by

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