Insane Relationship Depicted In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Everyone in life has a reason for doing what they do. Those things are known as motivators, whether it’s a person or an event that happened in someone’s life. In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” the main character, of the same name, is motivated by a series of events that happens in his life. His dad, the then king of Denmark, suddenly dies and his uncle takes control of the empire. Shortly after his father’s death, his uncle marries his mother, creating ill feelings towards the two, especially his uncle. His father’s ghost visits him and reveals to Hamlet that he was the victim of a murderous plot to take the crown from him. Hamlet is trying to balance all of these new things happening to him while maintaining his mental health and trying to carry out revenge for his father. The first event that showcases the headspace of Hamlet happens when it is revealed to him that his uncle and his mom are now married. Hamlet is trying to mourn the death of his father as any son should and is with his uncle and mother when he is addressed by his uncle. “But now, my cousin Hamlet, and my son-” “A little more than kin, and less than kind!” was Hamlet’s response…show more content…
They are both in love but he is slowly going insane. She reaches out to her brother about the way Hamlet has been acting lately and is told by him to leave Hamlet because the love he has confessed to her may be false. She listens to her brother and leaves Hamlet. Her leaving Hamlet adds on to everything else he has going on and it leaves him feeling betrayed and abandoned. This feeling of betrayal and abandonment is expressed through his famous “To be or not to be..” soliloquy in which he also showcases suicidal thoughts. All the while Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia is being eavesdropped on, eluding to Hamlet asking Ophelia “Ha, ha! Are you honest?” Hamlet knows the betrayal has happened and is left alone to deal with his thoughts of taking his or continuing to

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