Insanity In Shakespeare's Hamlet Still Relevant Today

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Hamlet, the play by Shakespeare that was published in 1603 has many timeless attributes to it. Hamlet is a tragedy ridden with love, drama, revenge, and much more. The play is all about a young prince, Hamlet, who is seeking revenge for his father’s death. After King Hamlet’s intentional murder, his wife, Gertrude, married King Hamlet's brother Claudius. The drama comes in when Prince Hamlet gets a visit from his deceased father. In this meeting Prince Hamlet’s father tells him that he was intentionally poisoned by his brother Claudius. Prince Hamlet then spends the rest of the play trying to seek revenge against his former uncle turned step-father. Along his path of revenge many lives are lost. Many themes such as madness, greed, revenge, and consequence transcend through time and make Hamlet still relevant today.…show more content…
Throughout the play, Prince Hamlet is so in love with a girl named Ophelia. In act III scene iv Polonius is accidentally murdered by Prince Hamlet. The murder of Ophelia’s father send her into a state of madness. Ophelia begins to act very strange due to her madness. Ophelia’s madness transpired into a depression that eventually led her to killing herself. This look at madness is relevant to today because people still do this today. Many people do not know how to deal with the death of another, let alone a father or family member. Ophelia dealt with her situation by committing suicide which is sadly the rout that many take

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