Insanity In Tony's Story By Jon Ronson

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Tony’s story, told by Jon Ronson, it’s quite unfortunate as well as opening. Tony who pleaded insanity for a crime he committed in his younger years led him to be placed in a mental institution and serve 12 years before being release. His problem was not being credible enough to be label as someone who needed mental health and supervision, yet of someone who faked it so well that he was being held because he was a psychopath. The narrator, Jon, explained that there’s certain characteristics a person must possess in order to be label in such way. Tony for the mental institution was a prime example. He was charming, manipulative, who lack empathy. But as Tony and Jon, pointed out, this is a vicious cycle because in many ways we all possess…show more content…
He truly had his back against the wall, because medics weren’t looking for the clues of normality, only for the ones that prove insanity. Tony was categorized with a certain decoder and it was easier for the medical staff to find things that put him in this box, things that fit this schema. Jon was told by Tony about the time that he sought to make of what he tough were normal conversations with normal people. In the end he saw in his report. That he believed this crazy story even though it was publish in a newspaper. If another person what have commented the same thing, they would have probably not been questioned or thought anything of. Jon, himself a certified psychopath spotter, was questioning if his acts where normal, after discussing such things with Tony. He was asking himself if the things that he did where things that a normal journalist did. Was his verbal and non-verbal representative of what he was since in front of him was someone who he though was normal yet level otherwise. For him he learned that once we have a certain vision of things or people is harder to understand or find…show more content…
This then led to an actually diagnosis of a psychopath, because in their mind he had to have something. This information was compared to a previous psychopath would look like, he fitted the picture. By the verdict people already though something was wrong, and even if there wasn’t, something had to be wrong enough that he could fake it which was what anchor everyone’s beliefs that he could not be realise after wards. People made judgments quickly without having to spend a lot of time analyzing information of his

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