Insanity-Personal Narrative

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When I get really mad, sometimes I make bad decisions. It’s hard to control myself. That’s why I try to not get mad. The first day of school at MOC-FV, a student was yelling at me in English in the cafeteria. I got so mad, that I threw a chair at him. We got into a fight. It wasn’t very smart. I had to go to Mr. Gunderson’s and I was suspended for five days. I try not to get so mad anymore because it’s hard me to be respectful when I am angry. I think I am getting better at controlling myself, even when I’m mad. A couple weeks ago, I went to Cherokee for the football game. When I was at the game in Cherokee everything was fine. It was pretty hard, but we won that night. It was a close game and one of our players even got kicked out. Everyone was really tense and nervous. The other team was really mad because it was their homecoming. They didn’t like losing.…show more content…
After I finished showering, I was helping my team putting their bags into the bus and I was walking outside with the bags in my hand. I remember singing the song they were playing at the homecoming game and one of the other players told me “shut up.” I turned around and I told him, “you shut up.” That made him really mad. He got really close to me and I was ready to defend myself. In that moment Coach Hegsted came in and yelled at me to get out. I told him, “but Coach, they are telling me crap.” But I left anyway. I went outside and I saw these guys coming outside too. There were 3 of them I was just watching them and they were yelling at me really bad
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