Insecure Man Rhetorical Analysis

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After losing his job, an insecure man teams up with a pimp to open up his own cuddling business, but hides the truth from his new girlfriend. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: TED (30) works for his father. His job is to watch paint dry. He’s an insecure man and doesn’t have much self-respect. Ted hopes to be promoted to manager one day. At a club, Ted meets SAMI (25), a Red Cross worker. Ted’s immediately smitten with her. When she locks herself out of her apartment, Ted invites Sami to come home with him. Ted and Sami cuddle together. Ted’s life is turned upside down when his father, HOWARD, fires him from his job. Ted decides not to tell Sami about being fired. Ted tries to find a new job, but no one will hire him. While cuddling, Sami jokes and tells Ted he should start his own cuddling business. This gives Ted an idea.…show more content…
His clients share the intimate details and problems of their lives and Ted helps them feel better about themselves. Ted also begins to learn about himself in the process. Ted is desperate to earn enough money to buy an engagement ring for Sami. However, Sami begins to grow suspicious of Ted’s behavior, especially when he comes home late smelling like female sweat and urine. Sami tries to find Ted at his work, but is surprised to learn that he hasn’t worked at the painting company for months. Ted buys the engagement ring and is ready to propose to Sami, when Sami confronts him about what he has been doing. He’s about to tell Sami the truth when STEVEN (50) approaches Sami and calls her by the name “Stone Cold.” Steven tells Ted that Sami is a whore. At first, Ted thinks it’s a prank because she learned about his cuddle business, but Sami’s surprised about what he has been doing. They argue over who betrayed who the most. Ted walks out. Later, they both try to reconnect with each other. Sami explains that she needed the money for medical school. She claims she works for a prestigious escort
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