Insecurity In Gary Soto's The Jacket

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Insecurity is the feeling of anxiousness and feeling self consciousness about one’s self physical characteristics. In Gary Soto’s short story “The Jacket,” the main character says, “ I heard the buzz-buzz of gossip and even laughter that I knew was meant for me. And so I went, in my guacamole-colored jacket.” The boy with the ugly jacket feels insecure about his outward appearance because of the cruel laughter and judgement others are showing and also tries to hide himself from the unwanted attention. Soto uses literary elements, symbols, and conflict to support the overarching theme: Focusing on the small things can distract you from the important things that matter. First, the literary element in “The Jacket” supports the overarching theme…show more content…
The boy says, “I sat on my hands, heating them up, while my teeth chattered like a cup of crooked dice.” The boy says this to show that he didn 't wear his jacket outside and since others were criticizing him and that he should to put himself down about his physical appearance. The crooked teeth could symbolize how teeth should be perfect and white and the boy’s appearance and clothing isn’t perfect or popular and the boy’s race is not white. He described and wanted a cool more popular jacket like the other kids have. Soto also illustrates the boy being embarrassed about his culture when he mentions the color of the jacket as day of guacamole. The boy says, “I discovered draped on my bedpost a jacket the color of day-old guacamole.” The boy uses day old guacamole to symbolize his culture since guacamole is found in Hispanic cultures. The boy feels like he isn’t good enough and even puts down his own race and culture. The point is that the boy let his and others criticizing get to him and affect the way he feels about his race and his word

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