Insecurity In Nigeria Literature Review

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2.1 Introduction.
This chapter appraised various literatures about Insecurity, causes of insecurity, security related studies, related study, and also examine the gap from the existing system.
2.2 Related concept
2.2.1 Insecurity in Nigeria
Insecurity is a state of being subject to threat or risk. Most educated articles on insecurity in the Cold-War era focused on the old-style approach to security which is state-centric. In this regard, insecurity can be considered as threats to the state which regularly accounted for the race for arms and atomic missiles to defend the state (Ajodo et, al 2014).
2.2.2 Types of insecurity in Nigeria
Nigeria is a republic in Western Africa, Most of Nigeria consists of a low plateau cut by rivers, mainly the Niger and its largest river, the Benue. The country takes its name after its main river. Until 1991, the capital was the Lagos, the largest city, placed on the South-western coast. However, a new city called Abuja, located at the center of country became the capital in 1991. Nigeria has a federal system of government and is divided into 36 states and a federal capital territory. (Robert Stock 2011) opined that the region that is now Nigeria was home to genealogically based kingdoms and ethnic societies before it became a European settlement. In 1914 the British united their northern and southern states into a solitary state called the Colony and State of Nigeria. Nigeria turn into independent of British rule in 1960.

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