Inside Out And Back Again: An Analysis

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Refugees face many difficult situations after migrating to a new home. Because of the migration and the mixed receptions from the community, their lives start to twist and turn in all sorts of directions. The book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai tells a story with poems about a young girl named Ha who’s life starts to turn “inside out” as she leaves her home in Saigon during the Vietnam War. The article “Refugee and Immigrant Children: A Comparison” by Ana Marie Fantino and Alice Colak describes the struggles and process of adaptation that refugees in Canada face every day. Ha’s and other refugees’ lives turn “inside out” as they become a teacher for their loved ones and a punching bag for their classmates, but gradually turns “back again” with the help of their community.

Refugees are treated like two different people when it comes to living at home and school. “They both have to endure the “push-and-pull” forces of home and school, which often work in opposite directions,” (Fantino and Colak, 9). This shows that refugees lives turn “inside out” as they become greatly depended on at home and then thrown like a piece of trash at school. In the book Inside Out and Back Again, Lai writes “Brother Quang, who becomes translator for all,” (Lai, 97). This shows one of the things that refugees like Brother Quang are expected
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Refugees are often forced to flee their home due to war just like Ha. Today, more than 60 million refugees from the Middle East have fled their homes due to the advancement of ISIS (Graham,1). Like Ha, their lives will also turn “inside out” as they face a large amount of harassment from wherever they are able to find safety, but eventually they will find peace with whomever they are surrounded by and turn “back
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