Insider Threat Research Paper

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Security along the E-health System Insider Threat and Combat with Insider Threat.

With the progress of the era, most of the business tend to transform from traditional file system to the computer or web-based system, these computer system provide service to support the efficient operation to today’s society. At first, people enjoy the convenient of these system, but throughout the years, no matter how we integrate and enhance our system or the way we manage information, from traditional file system to computer system, we always facing the challenge to mitigate insider threat.
People is the greatest resource of the company or organization, but there are two side of a coin, everything comes with benefits and also the drawback. Staff
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Like hospital, nowadays almost most of the large scale hospital using computer system to manage their patient information, these information may include identity card number, age, health condition, and sometime credit card number. If these information is compromised, those information can be manipulate to create great issues to the hospital and even the society. All in all, we must be go through vary kind of process to ensure mitigate the insider threat.

Understanding insider threat?
According to the FBI web page, insider threat is harder to detect compare with outsider or non-employee, so the one that can cause most damage is the insider, which is because employee will have the legitimate access to the organization’s system. Insider may steal the organization’s confidential data for personal gain, by being a ‘spy’ and selling organization’s confidential data and sell it to competitor and gain benefits. Insider threat can be a negligence employee who accidentally spread confidential data to public, and also can be the one who is not satisfying the management decision of the organization, and cause the damage
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In most of the case, if insider threat activity is being recognized and reported to management level, the insider threat can be easily interrupted or vanish. One of the reason for the insider threat activity is that no one notices what they doing or done and no or weak information security exist, if the system have a strong information security, no one will dare to commit this. Organization should practice evaluation when hiring new staff of doctor, and monitoring them when individual works is carry out, this will make e-health system more safer and reduce insider
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